Another short film by Omrane Khuder that I was involved in “Ignored” (2016)

HANNAH’s neat and structured daily routine is interrupted when she notices the sudden disappearance of the withdrawn and homeless DONNIE who frequents the road she journeys to get to work. Her concern overcomes her as she decides to dash through the town streets searching for him.

Ominous Brothers Productions presents

A Film by Omrane Khuder.
Starring Sandra Casa, Andrew Brown, and Joanne Dobbin.
Cinematography by Stewart Fairweather.
Make Up by Amy-Lee Cameron and Katie Dobbin.
Written, Produced, and Directed by Omrane Khuder.

I arrived on set at 4am sharp with coffee in hand ready to tackle a long day of filming. Amy who is amazing at what she does, started doing my make up and by 4.45 we were ready and I was eager to begin  filming.  Omrane and Stewart had set up the scene to show Melbourne’s beautiful city as a back drop and ofcourse thanks to the sunrise we  only had roughly an hour of tranquil city lights so we had to move fast. As the day progressed Andrew and Joanne had arrived for their scenes, it was great seeing them again as Omrane had taken the time to invite us to Carlton for Pizza (YUM) a month before. Everyone was professional and kind to one another, we all worked very hard and Omrane had Stew come and help on set with sound check. It was such a long day, 16 hours to be exact that we started to laugh at little things that would happen towards the end of the night, which now I look back and smile over.

Please watch the official film below.

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