Dream Of a Shadow

Greek Film DOAS2
Studio:Burnt Arrow Productions
Available on VOD soon
About:How much are you willing to give up for a new dream?
 Plot Outline: Spiros is one of the many new migrants from Greece who seek a better life in Australia. But as he soon realizes, new dreams often come at a great cost.
Directed By: Nikita Ballas
 Written and Screenplay By:Nikita Ballas & Spiros Cheliotis
Produced By:Tom Kondo, Spiros Cheliotis, Nikita Ballas, Phil Johns & Marina Leontari (GR)
 Starring :Spiros Cheliotis, Nikita Ballas, Ioanna Pilichou, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Sandra Casa, Tania Wieclaw, Yiannis Aivazis, Anthoula Katsimatides, Sunny Hatziargiri, Pepi Monia and Adoni Maropis
When I got the call to audition for “Dream of a Shadow” twice in one day from two different people I knew there and then that I would be part of something special. The audition call was interesting to say the least I had to perform 3 of the scenes in front of a panel which consisted of the executive producer, producer, casting director, directer and the male lead who had also written and produced.  I was the first female to arrive and when I had performed the director had asked me to repeat all three with a different emotion which I followed his instructions intently . The Director ” Nikita” was professional, he knew what he wanted and how to ask for it. I felt really comfortable being there and when I had left I called my agent and said “I nailed it!” my agent wasn’t convinced and not because I couldn’t nail it but I’m sure she has heard that a million times. I got a call back and was asked to come back to see how much chemistry the male lead and I could create and so I walked in and lucky for me “Spiro” was a typical male that I drew in with my fiery sexuality.
On set was always entertainingly diverse with a variety of personalities and characteristics, the scenes were all in Melbourne and my favourite scene was filmed on a bridge looking over Southbank and the Yarra river. The view was definitely beautiful and created a romantic backdrop for Spiro and my character (Katerina) to start their new found relationship.
Last year “Dream of a shadow” had Premiered at Cyprus International Film Festival where I flew over with my father to attend, the International Greek Film Festival in Melbourne had also premiered showing 4 films similtaneously at the Palace Cinemas South Yarra (sold out event cast and crew are pictured below)
Greek Film DOAS3
Through Dream of a Shadow I have met some amazing talented souls and created authentic relationships which I forever will attain. This Greek/Australian/American film will be available through Indie Rights Video on Demand in the near future.
WINNER Nostimon Imar Award (CYIFF – Cyprus International Film festival), 2016
WINNER Award of Merit (Headline International Film Festival), 2016
HONORARY MENTION in Production Design (Bridges International Film festival – Nafplio, Greece), 2016
OFFICIAL SELECTION  (Greek Film Festival – Australia), 2016

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Another short film by Omrane Khuder that I was involved in “Ignored” (2016)

HANNAH’s neat and structured daily routine is interrupted when she notices the sudden disappearance of the withdrawn and homeless DONNIE who frequents the road she journeys to get to work. Her concern overcomes her as she decides to dash through the town streets searching for him.

Ominous Brothers Productions presents

A Film by Omrane Khuder.
Starring Sandra Casa, Andrew Brown, and Joanne Dobbin.
Cinematography by Stewart Fairweather.
Make Up by Amy-Lee Cameron and Katie Dobbin.
Written, Produced, and Directed by Omrane Khuder.

I arrived on set at 4am sharp with coffee in hand ready to tackle a long day of filming. Amy who is amazing at what she does, started doing my make up and by 4.45 we were ready and I was eager to begin  filming.  Omrane and Stewart had set up the scene to show Melbourne’s beautiful city as a back drop and ofcourse thanks to the sunrise we  only had roughly an hour of tranquil city lights so we had to move fast. As the day progressed Andrew and Joanne had arrived for their scenes, it was great seeing them again as Omrane had taken the time to invite us to Carlton for Pizza (YUM) a month before. Everyone was professional and kind to one another, we all worked very hard and Omrane had Stew come and help on set with sound check. It was such a long day, 16 hours to be exact that we started to laugh at little things that would happen towards the end of the night, which now I look back and smile over.

Please watch the official film below.

Antiquated Kilter

“Antiquated Kilter” A short silent film – Follows seven days in the life of a humble and lonely old man. It’s a story of solitude, sentiment and longing for companionship.

When Omrane Khuder sent me through the script I was super excited to read it although when he said it was a silent film my first reactions were Silent…HUH. I can’t keep my mouth shut for that long hmmm this will be challenging!

Knowing how powerful the script was I wanted to build my emotions up and release them out on the day of filming,  to get a more natural response with my reactions. I walked on set and was greeted with such warmness and kindness. Everyone who was on set had previously worked on other projects and lived and breathed Melbourne’s film industry circle.  Meaning they are either studying, auditioning, networking, filming or assisting on film projects. I LOVE THIS it means they are 100% committed and it shows.

Omrane’s mind on paper is creative bliss, he brings human issues to the surface and creates touching, heartfelt moving images with brilliance and ease. His set is professional except when tying up actors in the kitchen cupboard as punishment for not following his rules.

Antiquated Kilter is written, directed, produced, cast and edited (pretty much hands on deck) Omrane Khuder, line and associate producer is the handsome Nicholas Tamouridis, cinematography and edited by Stewart Fairweather and make up department by Amy Lee Cameron.

With a great and talented cast Albert Goikhman as PAPA, Sandra Casa (myself) as PAPA’s Deceased Wife, the beautiful Danielle Butlin as PAPA’s Daughter and the cutest little grand daughter played by Sofia Geysman.

If you havn’t seen a silent film check it out! You won’t be disappointed and I’m not saying this because I and people I know are involved, but because it brings emotions out and it will be worth the 15 mins you put in the film. How do I know this you ask? Well when Omrane brought 50 people in to a private screening there was not one dry eye in the room. Now that’s impressive!

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Mourning the loss of wife and mother.

Mourning the loss of wife and mother.




Please watch the official film below.