Antiquated Kilter

“Antiquated Kilter” A short silent film – Follows seven days in the life of a humble and lonely old man. It’s a story of solitude, sentiment and longing for companionship.

When Omrane Khuder sent me through the script I was super excited to read it although when he said it was a silent film my first reactions were Silent…HUH. I can’t keep my mouth shut for that long hmmm this will be challenging!

Knowing how powerful the script was I wanted to build my emotions up and release them out on the day of filming,  to get a more natural response with my reactions. I walked on set and was greeted with such warmness and kindness. Everyone who was on set had previously worked on other projects and lived and breathed Melbourne’s film industry circle.  Meaning they are either studying, auditioning, networking, filming or assisting on film projects. I LOVE THIS it means they are 100% committed and it shows.

Omrane’s mind on paper is creative bliss, he brings human issues to the surface and creates touching, heartfelt moving images with brilliance and ease. His set is professional except when tying up actors in the kitchen cupboard as punishment for not following his rules.

Antiquated Kilter is written, directed, produced, cast and edited (pretty much hands on deck) Omrane Khuder, line and associate producer is the handsome Nicholas Tamouridis, cinematography and edited by Stewart Fairweather and make up department by Amy Lee Cameron.

With a great and talented cast Albert Goikhman as PAPA, Sandra Casa (myself) as PAPA’s Deceased Wife, the beautiful Danielle Butlin as PAPA’s Daughter and the cutest little grand daughter played by Sofia Geysman.

If you havn’t seen a silent film check it out! You won’t be disappointed and I’m not saying this because I and people I know are involved, but because it brings emotions out and it will be worth the 15 mins you put in the film. How do I know this you ask? Well when Omrane brought 50 people in to a private screening there was not one dry eye in the room. Now that’s impressive!

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Mourning the loss of wife and mother.

Mourning the loss of wife and mother.




Please watch the official film below.